Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Learning: Cocoa Powder

My sister was in town this past weekend and one of the places we went while we were out and about was Penzeys (I love this place, if you haven't noticed!). Anyway, our mom needed a refill on her favorite thing - Dutch Process Cocoa Powder. As we're picking it up, my sis says to me, "What's the difference between natural cocoa and Dutch process cocoa?" Please take this moment to visualize me making the 'huh?!' face. I have absolutely NO CLUE what the difference is!! I just always use Dutch process because I like it. But "because I like it" really isn't a good reason, is it!??? :)

Fast forward to yesterday. I turned on my trusty google reader and there's a post from one of my favorite food writers - David Lebovitz. He's an American living in Paris and he's a foodie. Food + Paris = 2 of my favorite things EVER. But I digress. He had a GREAT article on the differences between regular and Dutch process cocoas. So today's learning lesson will be just a link to his learning lesson. It's a great post with some beautiful photography. Take a few minutes to check it out, and add some more foodie/cooking random information to your brain! Enjoy!

Cocoa Powder FAQ: Dutch-process & natural cocoa powder

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