Friday, February 5, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Ok, I think I finally figured out what the heck our Cajun meal is going to look like. I REALLY want to make a King Cake, but realistically (1) I don't bake very often/well (2) we're trying to eat light and (3) I don't have a ton of extra time. So here's the lowdown on Sunday's menu...

- Baked Cajun Shrimp Dip

Main Meal
- Chicken & Sausage Gumbo
- Green Beans w/Remoulade

- Buttermilk Pralines and maybe some homemade vanilla ice cream!!

Do I need bread with the main meal? Cornbread? French bread? Rolls? I'm open for suggestions...

So is anybody else making a special Superbowl meal in the works!? I'd love to know what you're cooking!!


Aaron said...

We're going to my moms for the game but I really like the way you are making it a special event for your family, not just for football fans! I think since you are doing an app and dessert, a main dish w/o bread will be fine. Although, it is nice to sop up the juice in the about you play the "if I have time" game!

Amy said...

Agreed on the rolls! Publix had dinner rolls for $2/dozen today, so I just grabbed those. I don't do very well baking anyway LOL so it's just as well!!