Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting of the new year with a bang...

Well alrighty then! Starting out the new year with a kitchen mishap. Good times! Tonight, I made turkey ruebuens (which I will review in a sec) and Cheese Fries from Cooking Light. DISASTER. We had someone at the house tonight, so I thought I'd do 1.5x the recipe so we had enough. Apparently more is not merrier where fries are concerned. They were not ready after 40 minutes, total mush and stuck to the pan like crazy.

Now for the blonde moment of the evening. I went on the CL website to read reviews - thinking someone had maybe had this problem before and had a suggestion on how to make them not stick. Yeah guess what, that would be ME. Okie dokie! In my defense, it was in 2005 and seeing as how I can't remember things you told me yesterday, I don't feel TOO stupid, but I do feel mildly dumb!

These are tasty, but I have got to figure out how to avoid the stick. Suggestions? Are you a whiz at oven fries?! Help a sister out!!

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