Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mystery veggies

My first CSA box is here and I.AM.IN.LOVE!!!!!! It was like Christmas for me! I got all sorts of cool vegetables and a dozen farm fresh eggs! I know what most of the vegetables are, but there are a few mysteries. Can you help me?

I think this is baby cauliflower?? Yes? What do I do with it?

This is a green of some sort. It has a core/stem like a head of lettuce, but I'm not sure what it is, exactly!

Sooooo, whatcha got? SOMEONE has to know what these are!?!? You'll be my hero for the day (maybe even the week!). I will post the rest of the stuff I got tomorrow. Some good looking veggies (curly cabbage is so pretty!!), and some gnarly ones (hello huge warty carrots!). I can't wait to get cooking!

PS: Click on the pictures to see them in a larger format!!
PPS: Favorite way to use parsnips? I need some suggestions! I'm stumped on those...

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Cathy said...

I have no clue what the veggies you showed are... but the one does look like baby cauliflower... the other is likely just some sort of green... I would taste it raw and see if it's peppery or whatnot... then use it likely in a salad or on a sandwich.

As for the parsnips... I like to mash them like potatoes... they are sweeter and if you mix them with the potatoes they add a nice surprise. I have also had them in many soups, just like you would use carrots. I would imagine they would also be good sliced up and sauteed with some balsamic vinegar... mmm, yum!