Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back from vacation!

My husband and I have been off celebrating our 5th anniversary! We went down to the Keys and spent 5 days just soaking up the sun and drinking fruity drinks :) But Im baaaaaaaaaaack!! (and back to reality!) Menu plan to follow shortly, but until then, my fruity adventures!

We ended up going to the fruit stand I talked about - it's called Robert is Here and it's located in Florida City/Homestead (which is south west-ish of Miami). I am thankful a friend put me on to it, because it was AMAZING! I could have stayed all day long! They make fresh fruit shakes and have a store with all sorts of local honey, dips, salsas, etc. I bought a few kinds of honey and then some cool fruit! I am most excited about a few things that I got. These are pictures I found online, but I'll document as we taste and figure out what to do with the items! If you have any suggestions on how to eat/use these items, I'd love to hear them!

1) Key Limes

2) Tamarind

3) Passion Fruit

4) Sapodilla

5) Mamey Sapote

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