Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday treats

It's that time again! YAY! I am SO not a baker, but I can't resist trying my hand at new treats around Christmas. Our cooking club makes cookies every December. We gather again this coming Sunday and I can't wait!! This year my contribution is a scrumptious gooey sandwich cookie that I got from my neighbor (and baking GODDESS!), Tonya. YUM. I can't wait!

I read an awful lot of food blogs and have recently come across two additional things I plan to make this holiday season. The first is macaroons. No, not the pile of coconut things. Blech. I'm talking about REAL macaroons. The French kind. *DROOL*. I fell in love with macaroons when we went to Paris a few years ago. They are heaven in cookie form! Let me tell you, the airport security guard almost made me leave them behind because the jelly was 'liquid like'!?! SAY WHAT?! There was an angry American woman in Charles deGalle!! Thankfully, he understood the lure of the macaroon and let me pass!! ( but not before he frisked my husband! WEIRD experience... but I digress).

I made basic macaroons a few years ago and didn't screw them up, so this year my attempt will be Candy Cane & Egg Nog Macaroons from one of my recently discovered blogs, Tartelette. She's a French woman living in Charleston, so I'm gonna go with my gut and assume she knows her macaroons!

The second thing I want to try just comes out of a recent craving. I don't know WHY (and no, I'm not pregnant!) but I have been craving caramel corn! Well lo and behold, my Google Reader delivered me this tasty post on Saturday! SCORE! Caramel corn, here we come!

So now, please share with me some other tasty treats that I need to try my hand at this holiday season?!! Let the calories begin!!

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